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Introducing the Marketing Department of Tomorrow

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10 Trends That Will Reshape B2B Marketing by 2030

What will the marketing department of the future look like? How will it differ from those of today, and what new challenges will it be equipped to meet? 

To find out, we commissioned research company Kairos Future to conduct an extensive study, detailing the trends and developments that will reshape B2B marketing. Read the results — in the form of 10 insights which will help pave the way to the future for your own marketing department. 

10 Insights Into Tomorrow's Marketing Department

Based on a survey conducted with European Marketing & Sales professionals the report covers:
  • Complexity explosion 
  • Working as one 
  • It’s the brand
  • The future of marketing is (even more) data-driven 
  • Know your customers (...better than they know themselves) 
  • Insight is king 
  • Insights automated: AI is taking us further 
  • Marketing with emotion 
  • MEN (traditional Media, Events and Networks) to VAM (VR, AI and Mixed Reality)  
  • Centralized and stronger 
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