How to Grow Your Business With Interconnected Relationships

B2B marketing is no longer about product and service features. It’s not even about business entities. It’s about people. Nothing has driven this home more than marketing’s ownership of the customer experience. Once this is embraced, it doesn’t take long for human reality to deconstruct personas and unseat assumptions. All too soon, we discover that delivering what we, as marketers, believe to be the best possible experience means little if we’re not using the buyer’s definition of “best.”

In today’s digital age, truly understanding customers takes a village. We’re talking a lot of team members, marketing tools and data types. If we have any hope of building lasting buyer relationships, we must interconnect and activate this village. Only deeper insight will equip us to build trust and credibility with prospects and customers. The only way to access this insight is to fortify and nurture other relationships—among data points, technologies and internal teams. 

Want to evolve marketing beyond short-term leads and fleeting transactions? Focus on customer relationships and the interconnections needed to build them. They go hand in hand.

Interested in learning more? Discover how interconnected relationships can help grow your business by watching the video below.