D&B Optimizer

Improves your sales efficiency, CRM acceptance and targeting

D&B Optimizer removes bad data. Sales People who trust their CRM will be far more effective and will always have correct, updated data resulting in pin-sharp targeting and a massively better customer experience. And a happy, successful salesforce!

What is D&B Optimizer
Better quality data will help drive growth

D&B Optimizer Connectors

D&B Optimizer for Salesforce

Manages data quality continuously and automatically within your Salesforce environment so you don’t have to. Be confident in segmenting the market, identifying priority targets, and ensuring alignment across your business. With automatically enriched account and lead records, D&B Optimizer provides direct access to real-time, quality data.

D&B Optimizer for Microsoft

D&B Optimizer for Microsoft links core business intelligence to additional insights, analytics, and data analysis capabilities, enabling new data leveraging options across the Microsoft stack. By combining Dun & Bradstreet’s data with Microsoft’s CDS and Dynamics 365 platform, you can leverage realtime, actionable data to make critical business decisions..

Why choose D&B Optimizer?

Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities with visibility into corporate linkage and family trees
Robust dashboards drive better market analysis
Increase productivity by eliminating manual data entry efforts
Flexibly ingest data based on DUNSRight™ matching or compare side by side

Product Summary