Consumer score

Streamline credit assessments for private consumers

Say yes to more customers with effective risk optimization
Simplify management with automated processes
Make confident credit decisions with comprehensive documentation

Manage customers and risks

The range of products and services on the market is constantly increasing. The same applies to availability. Being able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want, is just as much a given today as the fact that consumption takes place entirely on the customer's terms. The demands this places on businesses go beyond just having a relevant and attractive offering. Being able to accept a customer who wants to pay by invoice, at the moment he or she is ready to place an order, is a necessity in today's world. The ability to instantly assess a customer's credit standing for each purchase is therefore extremely business-critical.

The consequence of making quick decisions is often increased risk. Time-consuming research to assess a customer's ability to pay is no longer feasible. Bisnode's Consumer Score simplifies this process and helps ensure that you are granting credit based on your company's unique needs and situation. Risk optimization makes it possible to accept a larger number of customers with unchanged or even reduced risk to you. At the same time, you can automate the process so you can meet customers on their terms.

What is Consumer Score?

Assessment and rating of a consumer’s ability to pay
Bisnode's Consumer Score is a model for assessing the creditworthiness of private consumers using historical data to predict future events. We assess the risk of an individual being reported to the authorities for non-payment of debt. The results of this assessment indicate the likelihood of receiving payment from a particular customer and are compiled into a score. The higher the score, the better the customer's ability to pay. This lets you know who you should approve or deny credit, and helps you make sure that your credit granting activities are profitable.

Ensure flexibility in your credit management

Risk assessments optimized based on your needs
  • Make assessments based on your specific risk appetite and tolerance by integrating Consumer Score into your credit policy.
  • Streamline management and make confident decisions by automating the credit process.
  • Customize credit granting and enable differentiation of risk by clearly identifying high-risk and low-risk customer.

Increase potential and secure more business

Reliable information for smart credit decisions
  • Accept more customers by considering more variables to enable a clear overall assessment.
  • Develop your business with the help of accurate and objective credit assessments.
  • Boost profits by optimizing credit granting without increasing overall risk.