Rating Certificate

We confirm your payment behaviour, you create trust with your customers.

Show good creditworthiness

With the Rating Certificate we confirm that you have an excellent credit rating. Use this award in tenders to demonstrate your stable financial situation and to create trust with customers - as you too like to pay on account.

Solvent companies enjoy more confidence on the market
Information: The most important factor in our economy

Our economy is not working without information. Knowing who our customers and suppliers are, what their payment behaviour is like and how they are doing economically are important decision-making criteria in a globalised world.

Discussions with customers have shown us that there is a desire to have the company's creditworthiness and stable economic situation confirmed by an independent body.

The Rating Certificate is the quality label for the business community and stands for reliability and stability. It distinguishes you as a trustworthy and attractive business partner with a stable company situation and very good payment behaviour. It shows your ability to meet your economic obligations to customers and suppliers.

Creating trust

Your customers and suppliers can see at a glance that you are a trustworthy and reliable business partner. This strengthens your market and competitive position.

As owner of a Rating Certificate: Feature your certificate at your business premises and use the electronic badge of Rating Certificate for your website and e-mails.

Why using Rating Certificate?

Feature the certificate at your business premises.
Show the good creditworthiness and payment behaviour of your company.
Use the electronic banner on your website and in e-mails.

Establish yourself as a trustworthy business partner in the market.

That is what you get:

  • Certificate: To represent the globally recognised D&B risk indicator
  • JPG banner with D&B Risk Indicator for your own company website
  • Publication of name on the list of the best rated companies in Switzerland (www.top-rating.ch)
  • Notification of any change to the D&B Risk Indicator within the term of the contract
The D&B Risk Indicator translates information into a short guide to current business development. This indicator derived from the D&B Failure Score reflects the financial strength of a company and the probability of a failure. This assessment is based on data from the past. Based on this assessment, no statements can be made about future developments of this company. The assessment is valid at the time of issue of this document.