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Access with D&B Hoovers the world’s largest database for marketing & sales.

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Identify your next new customers worldwide
Give your sales representatives promising tools at hand

Through an intuitive interface and automated workflows (including triggers, notifications and smart lists), your sales representatives can efficiently research worldwide companies. With D&B Hoovers your sales team can turn potential customers worldwide into profitable customers faster.

Convert prospects into customers faster

Why D&B Hoovers is the right solution for you

With the right data and tools it is possible for sales representatives to get the business deal faster
Take a strategic approach to identifying your most profitable prospects
Integrate data seamlessly and in real-time
Determine the needs of your prospects and adapt your approach accordingly

Your benefits:

  • Data integration into your CRM platforms
  • Automated workflows
  • Sophisticated search
  • Automatic triggers, notifications and intelligent lists
  • Dynamic lists for continuous monitoring of the market
  • 175 segmentation possibilities for the optimal target group
  • World's largest company database
  • Global data coverage of over 200 countries
  • Integration in CRM platforms
  • Fewer manual tasks
  • Intuitive user interface