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Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Sophisticated business insights to keep future opportunities in sight
Find Meaning in Data with Analytics

Growth is best achieved when data is used to create foresight into business opportunities.

Integrate Analytics Across the Enterprise

The vast power of analytics increasingly impacts the business landscape in a meaningful way. This ever-evolving technlogy is the cornerstone of AI and machine learning, and has made made exponential leaps in improving disciplines such as financial risk management, fraud prevention, and credit scoring.
Dun & Bradstreet's Data Cloud offers a wealth of analytics solutions and technology to identify growth opportunities, circumnavigate risk and improve customer relationships. And while businesses understand the role analytics plays, most are unclear how to maximize its full potential. That’s where we come in.


Insights to Drive Business ForwardWith a world-class team of data scientists and analysts, we illuminate the path to growth through unique, global analytic capabilities. We help companies enhance and scale their use of fact-based strategies to connect with the prospects, customers and suppliers that matter most and guide you sharing those insights across your teams. It’s no wonder 90% of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide rely on us for the expertise to create competitive, winning business strategies.See Our Analytics in Action
Analytics to Drive Marketing PerformanceAccelerate your pipeline with meaningful insights to acquire, retain and grow customersEmploy smarter, data-driven insights to ensure you’re making wise marketing decisions.Learn More
Analytics for Risk ManagementData-driven insights to do business with confidenceActivate advanced analytics to drive growth while balancing risk versus reward.Learn More
Flexible Analytics Solutions for the EnterpriseQuickly anticipate market changes and stay ahead of the competition with agile analyticsPut the power of agile analytics in your hands to quickly anticipate market changes and stay ahead of the competitionLearn More
Insights to Gauge Economic Risk and OpportunityMarry analytics with economics to provide transparency and foresight on businesses across the globe Get a Comparative, Cross-Border Assessment of the Risk and Opportunity of Doing Business Across 132 Countries & RegionsLearn More
The quality, depth and detail of the data from Dun & Bradstreet, combined with a team to build out the modeled universe, meant we could be more targeted, precise and accurate in our program, resulting in a more successful outcome.
Andrew Ford, VP for Marketing and Communications, Europe, Pitney Bowes
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