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The Public Administration sector consists of establishments of federal, state, and local government agencies that administer, oversee, and manage public programs and have executive, legislative, or judicial authority over other institutions within a given area. These agencies also set policy, create laws, adjudicate civil and criminal legal cases, and provide for public safety and for national defense. In general, government establishments in the Public Administration sector oversee governmental programs and activities that are not performed by private establishments. Establishments in this sector typically are engaged in the organization and financing of the production of public goods and services, most of which are provided for free or at prices that are not economically significant. Government establishments also engage in a wide range of productive activities covering not only public goods and services but also individual goods and services similar to those produced in sectors typically identified with private-sector establishments. In general, ownership is not a criterion for classification in NAICS. Therefore, government establishments engaged in the production of private-sector-like goods and services should be classified in the same industry as private-sector establishments engaged in similar activities. As a practical matter, it is difficult to identify separate establishment detail for many government agencies. To the extent that separate establishment records are available, the administration of governmental programs is classified in Sector 92, Public Administration, while the operation of governmental programs is classified elsewhere in NAICS based on the activities performed. For example, the governmental administrative authority for an airport is classified in Industry 92612, Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs, while operating the airport is classified in Industry 48811, Airport Operations. When separate records for multi-establishment companies are not available to distinguish between the administration of a governmental program and the operation of it, the establishment is classified in Sector 92, Public Administration. Examples of government-provided goods and services that are classified in sectors other than Public Administration include: schools, classified in Sector 61, Educational Services; hospitals, classified in Subsector 622, Hospitals; establishments operating transportation facilities, classified in Sector 48-49, Transportation and Warehousing; the operation of utilities, classified in Sector 22, Utilities; and the Government Printing Office, classified in Subsector 323, Printing and Related Support Activities.

Industry Activities

Advisory commissions, executive government
City and town managers' offices
County supervisors' and executives' offices
Executive offices, federal, state, and local (e.g., governor, mayor, president)
Governors' offices

Geographic Segmentation

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Public Administration Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Public Administration Companies:
$1,112,906.61M | United Kingdom
$930,066.44M | Japan
$378,099.97M | Mauritius
$354,140.37M | Australia
$223,411.04M | Canada
$136,970.88M | Venezuela
$98,235.62M | United States
$88,718.51M | Indonesia
$82,404.45M | United States
$70,984.08M | Japan
Movers And Shakers
E Cantle, Chief Executive Officer at Nottingham City Council
TARO ASO, Authorised Representative at MINISTRY OF FINANCE
Yandraduth Googoolye, Chairperson and Director at BANK OF MAURITIUS
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President at Gobierno Federal de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Justin P.J. Trudeau, Prime Minister at Government of Canada

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