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The Management of Companies and Enterprises sector comprises (1) establishments that hold the securities of (or other equity interests in) companies and enterprises for the purpose of owning a controlling interest or influencing management decisions or (2) establishments (except government establishments) that administer, oversee, and manage establishments of the company or enterprise and that normally undertake the strategic or organizational planning and decision-making role of the company or enterprise. Establishments that administer, oversee, and manage may hold the securities of the company or enterprise. Establishments in this sector perform essential activities that are often undertaken in-house by establishments in many sectors of the economy. By consolidating the performance of these activities of the enterprise at one establishment, economies of scale are achieved. Government establishments primarily engaged in administering, overseeing, and managing governmental programs are classified in Sector 92, Public Administration. Establishments primarily engaged in providing a range of day-to-day office administrative services, such as financial planning, billing and recordkeeping, personnel, and physical distribution and logistics, are classified in Industry 56111, Office Administrative Services.

Industry Activities

Bank holding companies (except managing)
Holding companies, bank (except managing)
Offices of bank holding companies
Agreement corporation (except international trade financing)
Financial holding companies

Geographic Segmentation

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Management of Companies and Enterprises Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Management of Companies and Enterprises Companies:
$98,797,204.55M | Singapore
$2,130,055.84M | Cayman Islands
$1,985,332.00M | Cayman Islands
$1,229,919.48M | United Kingdom
$393,904.05M | Cayman Islands
$319,964.26M | Hong Kong
$249,959.51M | Cayman Islands
$180,543.00M | United Kingdom
$180,366.00M | United Kingdom

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