Animal Production and Aquaculture Industry
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Industries in the Animal Production and Aquaculture subsector raise or fatten animals for the sale of animals or animal products and/or raise aquatic plants and animals in controlled or selected aquatic environments for the sale of aquatic plants, animals, or their products. The subsector includes establishments, such as ranches, farms, and feedlots, primarily engaged in keeping, grazing, breeding, or feeding animals. These animals are kept for the products they produce or for eventual sale. The animals are generally raised in various environments, from total confinement or captivity to feeding on an open range pasture. The industries in this subsector are grouped by important factors, such as suitable grazing or pasture land, specialized buildings, type of equipment, and the amount and types of labor required. Establishments are classified in the Animal Production and Aquaculture subsector when animal production (i.e., value of animals for market) accounts for one-half or more of the establishment's total agricultural production. Establishments with one-half or more animal production with no one animal product or family of animal products of an industry accounting for one-half of the establishment's agricultural production are treated as combination animal farming classified in Industry 11299, All Other Animal Production.

Industry Activities

Backgrounding, cattle
Beef cattle ranching or farming
Calf (e.g., feeder, stocker, veal) production
Cattle conditioning operations
Cattle farming or ranching

Geographic Segmentation

See where the Animal Production and Aquaculture industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by financials and key corporate data.
Animal Production and Aquaculture Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Animal Production and Aquaculture Companies:
$29,842.38M | China
$28,906.41M | Switzerland
$28,906.41M | Switzerland
$28,906.41M | Switzerland
$15,024.72M | Philippines
$12,091.90M | United States
$11,385.54M | China
$10,260.00M | Australia
Movers And Shakers
Jianguo Cao, Legal Representative at Hailiang Group Co., Ltd
Albert Baumann, Managing Director and Director at Micarna SA
Albert Baumann, Chairman of the Board at Farmco AG
Thierry Chevalley, Managing Director at Favorit Geflügel AG
Adirek Sripratak, Chief Executive Officer and President at CHAROEN POKPHAND FOODS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED

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