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Vehicle model data for the Nordics


High quality and detailed vehicle model data


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Vehicle model data for the Nordics

Vehicle model data for the Nordics

Bisnode AIS allows you to search for vehicle model data by searching with a license plate number. We have vehicle data bases with high quality and precision for the Nordic market - Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


With AIS products you can relieve your organisation from unnecessary work. Instead you can focus your resources on making your business more efficient on areas that are important for you. 

Spare part data like no other

Spare part data like no other

Insert license plate number, recieve fitting spare parts

With AIS you can enable your customers to insert their license plate number and see which spare parts fit his/her vehicle. AIS contains all active license plate numbers in Scandinavia, connected to a reference ID via TecDoc, Bosch, Olyslager. Integrate this with your spare part catalogue to allow your customers to find the correct spare parts for their vehicle.
  • License plate connection with vehicle information, such as motor code, VIN-number, manufacturer, version, etc
  • Connected to TecDoc, Olyslager, Bosch and our own AIS-id
  • Get basic vehicle information or add data packages that meets your needs - Tires and Rims, Vehicle Type and Identity, Environmental data, etc

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With Car Model Identifier you can get unique vehicle IDs for all vehicles in the Nordics. With a linking table, Car Model Identifier connects license plates to either TecDoc, Olyslager or Bosch. We also provide a linking to our own database that provides the AIS-code for each license plate.

With this license plate connector, you can provide your end customers or users the possibility to search for a license plate and recieve the exact spare parts matching that vehicle.

In addition to the license plate connector, you also get basic vehicle information such as:

  • Make, model, version
  • Fuel type
  • Body
  • Engine label
  • Weight
  • etc...

In Car Model Catalogue you can access extensive car model data. Some of the new data fields in the package are:

  • Security and safety data
  • External and internal dimensions
  • Accessories packages and prices
  • Car prices
  • Environment, fuel consumption
This is the data package for those in need of quality assured car model data that also contains commercial information, such as accessory packages and prices. You get information on accessories packages available for the selected model, price for the packages and new car prices. There is also information on fuel consumption, if it is a electric car or not, and lots of more data that is important for those working in the automotive business.

With our brand new data package for tires and rims, you can get all the dimensions that can fit each vehicle. Your customer inserts a license plate number and gets back the different dimensions that match the vehicle. In this way, you can provide your customers with a wider offering when being able to provide all the tires and rims that can be compatible with the vehicle.

Some of the data that can be found in this package is:

  • Dimensions
  • Diameter
  • Circum
  • Tire ID
  • Bolts and threads
  • etc...
Working in the vehicle aftermarket?

Working in the vehicle aftermarket?

We provide vehicle data for companies working in the vehicle aftermarket business. Information on reference IDs from for example TecAlliance is one important data offering that AIS contains. We also provide data on accessory packages, retail prices on car models, high quality tires and rim data and much more.