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The B2B Data Activation Priority

How Mature Firms are Reaping the Benefits of a Data Activation Strategy


The increased use of data and analytics to guide business decisions has become a critical priority for B2B sales and marketing executives. Unfortunately, the silos of data across technologies, and the lack of a consistent data structure to link systems, make it difficult for teams to activate campaigns in a scalable way.

But some mature organizations are showing they can achieve success with an enterprise-wide data activation strategy.

Forrester Research surveyed over 500 B2B data strategy and management decision makers to discover their biggest challenges and what they are doing to overcome obstacles on their path to data activation.

The full study reveals:

  • 4 tactics that leading data activation firms are doing best
  • Key gaps where lagging firms need to improve
  • How advanced analytics can help firms meet rising customer expectations
  • How to thrive in a data-driven future

The study shines a light on what leading companies are doing to keep their data organized and activated across multiple execution systems.

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