Consistent Global Coverage

Ensuring your data is routinely updated so content is always fresh and timely

Quality information in, profitable decisions out The DUNSRight process includes over 2,000 separate automated checks to ensure the data meets our high-quality standards. Our global data collection brings together data from sources worldwide, and patented entity matching process delivers a single, accurate picture of each business. We apply the D-U-N-S® Number, then use corporate hierarchies and linkage to enable you to develop a perspective on total risk or opportunity across related businesses. Your benefit? We govern the data so you don't have to.
Collecting from 30,000 sources You want truth in data, and we can provide it. We aggregate data from a range of global sources, derive actionable attributes for predictive value associated with payment performance, viability, size, and other business outcomes. We also leverage the D&B Worldwide Network - an unrivaled alliance of Dun & Bradstreet and leading business information providers across the globe.
Ensuring your confidence in our data is paramount D&B has a dedicated data quality and governance team focused on continually measuring and monitoring timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of our data. The team ensures that the data we provide to you meets governmental and regulatory requirements so that you can deploy it with confidence. Relying on decades of rich insights and deep experience understanding the evolving nature of commercial data to ensure data governance, our expertise covers the complete data lifecycle.