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Tax Compliance

Fast, reliable compliance with FATCA, CRS and other emerging tax regulations
Timely due diligence
Manage 'heavy lifting' associated with FATCA/CRS classification Dun & Bradstreet uses publicly available external data to deliver a consistent approach to FATCA and CRS due diligence processes. Comprehensive, accurate and timely due diligence, or ‘reasonableness checks’, can be performed by verifying the details held or being on-boarded for the client entity—all compliant with current and upcoming legislation. That way, you can focus more easily on identifying records that require more in-depth attention.
Classify up to 95% of pre-existing accounts for FATCA and CRS Classify up to 95% of pre-existing accounts for FATCA and CRS compliance by different European or global categories. Remediate large batches of pre-existing entity account holders (the 'back book') extremely quickly. Take advantage of robust market and jurisdictional-sensitive guidance. And quickly retrieve and review historic FATCA and CRS classifications.
Monitor change in circumstance for each classification type FATCA and CRS compliance isn’t a one-off event. It demands ongoing, rigorous monitoring for change in circumstance. Dun & Bradstreet can help you efficiently manage that change in customer circumstance, whether arising from changes in the situation of the entity, or in the specific case of CRS, changes to the participation/reporting status of the jurisdiction. You have the flexibility to frequently reclassify each record and be alerted to any classification that has changed.
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