Video: Navigating Enterprise Risk with Data

Finance Leaders Face 3 Hazards on the Ascent to Data-Inspired Risk Management

Risk management has never been more complex. Today’s finance leaders face a risk landscape that is dynamic, global, real-time and future oriented. Once a hill, enterprise risk is now a mountain, and the ascent is not for the unprepared. As Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Enterprise Risk Management Survey revealed, finance leaders face big challenges on the path to the summit.

As a majority of leaders report a missing link between risk and strategy, there is an immediate need to better connect data with process, strategy and behavior.

With low reported confidence in the use and quality of enterprise data, finance leaders must also be working to better understand their data, and how and where it’s being used.

It’s all about relationships, but few enterprises feel confident that they are fully connecting the dots between data points, entities, people and teams. Data use needs to be holistic and integrated to manage risk, without risk.

To learn more about how to navigate enterprise risk management like a Data Sherpa, watch the video below.


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