D&B Data Blocks Develop your business with a flexible data solution tailored to your business needs

Why is Data regarded as the new oil for the business growth today?

Data has become world’s most valuable resource. Raw data, just like oil, isn’t valuable on its own. It acquires its value when it is collected quickly, completely, accurately, and then is properly refined which in turn makes it a decision-making tool. Integration of data which enables automated access to always up-to-date, accurate, integrated data gives business leaders power to quickly take confident decisions that accelerate growth, effectively manage risk, reduce costs, and transform digitally.

To meet the needs of todays’ businesses, Dun & Bradstreet delivers modern solutions so You can profit from one single source of data in Your decisioning process. Dun & Bradstreet offers data in packages called D&B Data Blocks - logical, topic-based groups from the D&B Data Cloud. D&B Data Blocks are delivered via API, flat files, or a combination to be integrated into your business systems.

How can I benefit from data automation due to D&B Data Blocks?

Automated decisioning

Standardized processes – fewer mistakes and quicker action

Ruled-based management

Confident decisions and space for key tasks

Operational costs reduction

Possibility of relocation of resources and business growth

Automated processes

More efficient use the data and the insights they provide

Always accurate and valid data in one place

Confident credit decisions taken quicker


Data segmented excactly for Your needs & budget

Increase of operational efficiency

Less manual work - more time for strategic initiatives

Tailor made solution

You can mix and match blocks to create solutions You need

How do the D&B Data Blocks work?

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