Analytics & Insights

Solutions to keep your business ahead

For instance, find the most valuable leads, identify your next best customer, detect purchasing intention, reduce churn, deliver actionable insights and provide real-time credit risk monitoring.
Analytics & Insights will turbo charge your customer relationships throughout the value chain, reduce waste and enhance business performance. Mixing trusted data with proprietary science, we deliver bespoke solutions to satisfy your precise needs.
Data Science & Analytics
Bisnode's team of data scientists create and develop advanced data analytics to gain new, profitable insights for our customers.
Analytics Services
Expert data science analytics team
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Customer Insights
Foresee the customer’s next purchase before they make it. Predictive analytics will develop your business opportunities by predicting what customers want and when.

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Analytics Services
Actionable Insights from AI and analytics
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D&B Consumer Intelligence
Consumer Data on 180+ Million Europeans
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