Marketing tools to get you to the forefront by 2030 - and beyond

That timing is everything is true not just for companies who have everything to gain from turbo-charging their data-driven journey now, but also for customers who want well-timed offers. With the help of hard facts and a soft approach, Sales & Marketing will know when there's a window of opportunity in a customer's life.

First off, companies need to do some organisational housekeeping in order to get the most out of data. Information will not magically turn into insights if the data is stuck in silos. Nor should Sales & Marketing be seen as the last stage of the analytical process — their knowledge should inform colleagues at all relevant data steps.

"What that really means in practice is to keep all information collected and updated so that the wider organisation can in different ways be involved with Marketing, such as Product, Customer Intelligence, Client Services and Sales – and then act from an overall client view throughout the customer journey," says Eveliina Hultén, our Sales & Marketing product expert.



The word "tools" may bring to mind hard hammers on hard surfaces, but there are soft ones too, such as insights into the customer's values and preferences.

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