Retail - Manage your customer relationships throughout the customer life cycle

Rapid growth of Lindex loyalty club
Rapid growth of Lindex loyalty club Lindex’s customer loyalty club, More at Lindex, has become a veritable goldmine for the Swedish fashion retailer, helping it to drive sales and customer satisfaction in its key target groups. The fashion chain is using a smart data solution that seamlessly helps convert customers into members, no matter where in the Nordic region they live.
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Target group analysis at NetOnNet doubled conversions

An in-depth understanding of the customer can provide invaluable knowledge in a competitive industry. NetOnNet focused on target group analysis, customer segmentation and personalized data-driven marketing – and doubled customer club purchase conversions.

Let us help you throughout the customer journey

Use smart data to drive sales from prospects to loyal customers

Find new customers
Use smart data to attract customers who are closest to a purchase decision — at a risk level that meets your business goals. Using Bisnode's market data and analytics models, we can help you find the best potential customers and find out when they are most likely to buy.
Drive add-on sales
Use smart data to gain insights that help you act in real time — both about the opportunities for upsales and events pointing to an altered level of risk of the customer. By integrating our analytics tools for smart data with your CRM or your systems for marketing automation and sales support, we can help you make daily predictions about your best sales and customer service opportunities. At the same time, we help you manage the risks that arise.
Increase conversion
Improve the conversion rate of your best customers by using smart data to optimize the criteria and processes for your offers. Customize your offers and maximize ROI for different customer segments by combining financial information and market data for each potential customer.
Build customer loyalty
Use smart data to continuously monitor and manage your customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. By integrating our tools for smart data with your CRM, CX or marketing automation system, we can help you manage all your customer relationships.