We help our clients grow and thrive by offering the right data.

Our data, insights and AI-driven platforms empower clients across the globe to take more intelligent actions that provide them with a competitive edge.
Data and insights are delivered through the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, directly via API or through our range of AI-driven software platforms. Comprising more than 460+ M businesses from around the globe (2021 Annual Report), our Data Cloud contains the broadest and deepest set of B2B data and analytical insights available.

So we advocate the need of the right data in order to take right decisions. WHAT is right data then?

Our data scientists define 8 dimensions of data quality:


If we want to keep it simple, mention these four dimensions instead/

The right data is:
  • Correct
  • Complete
  • Updated
  • Compliant

How do we make sure you always get the right data using our services and products?

  • We source data from 10’s of thousands of sources, 10’s of millions of websites, and crowd-validating initiatives. 
  • Sources are continually monitored for changes and the Data Cloud is updated accordingly, millions of times each day.  
  • Our data is the most complete global data, it covers 460M+ Business Records from around the globe (2021 Annual Report). World’s most comprehensive business data and analytics. 
  • Our DPO’s make sure our data is GDPR-compliant. 

This is how will your business benefit from the right data by Dun & Bradstreet

Finance & Risk

D&B enables Finance and Risk teams to streamline operations, [helping their organizations to grow and thrive.] Our AI-driven platforms empower finance, procurement and compliance teams with the actionable insights needed to make more confident and timely decisions that:
  1. Drive intelligent actions to manage credit-to-cash and third-party risk,
  2. Increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience with powerful automation and portfolio management,
  3. Streamline regulatory compliance and business continuity,
  4. Elevate enterprise decisioning with visibility, personalized analytics, and a common data platform.

Our data scientists use our current data, and our historical archives, to perform rich and sophisticated modelling, creating ratings and scores around dimensions such as financial health and business activity that help guide our clients’ decisions.

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Third Party Risk & Compliance

In a volatile, uncertain business environment, procurement and supply management are rapidly evolving. Achieving cost savings is still important, but [these] organizations are increasingly accountable for making their businesses more stable, competitive, and innovative. Supply teams are being evaluated by the effectiveness of their supplier risk management strategy, as well as their ability to maintain strong supply chains and contribute to sustainable enterprise growth strategies. 
We track 200 million payment experiences on businesses in 170 countries, allowing us to deliver best-in-class predictive delinquency scores to help you manage financial risk
We are members/creators of the Extreme Risk Consortium that has ~250 members sharing information/data on fraud activity and other malfeasance.  
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Sales & Marketing


D&B empowers B2B marketing and sales teams with the data, insights and automation needed to deliver growth and thrive in fast-changing and competitive environments.

With our AI-powered Sales and Marketing Platform:

  1. Data and Rev Ops teams can clean and consolidate customer data to deliver high-quality insights that drive intelligent actions across the enterprise,
  2. Marketing teams can engage with relevance by targeting the right buyers at the right time, with the right messages, through the right channels,
  3. Sales teams can prospect smarter by identifying the buyers more likely to convert.

Largest set of B2B data available, covering hundreds of millions of businesses from across the globe (over 460M as of 2021). The fact that we have ‘pre-mastered’ (structured and standardized) our data means that customers trust Data Cloud data as ‘reference data’ in their own internal B2B data management initiatives.
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