Credit rating model for companies

Safe, secure and proactive business decisions

Simplify your credit rating with a recognized rating model
Optimize your credit decisions with a quality-assured risk model
Streamline your credit management with reliable credit rating
Make safe and smart business decisions
The AAA model is based on quality data

Today's business climate demands fast and accurate credit decisions. In order to initiate a business relationship, give the correct payment terms to a new customer or keep track of current customers' creditworthiness, it is important to have a secure and reliable basis from which to make quick decisions. The result is that more and more credit decisions are automated, which in turn increases demands on credit risk models being reliable and maintaining a high level of quality over time.

Hundreds of thousands of companies daily use our rating system to quickly make safe and profitable decisions. Through our explicit rating model AAA, they get information on a specific company's rating and recommended credit limit. It allows them to say yes to more clients because they know when they should request an advance and when to limit or increase the amount of credit. With Bisnode's credit rating model AAA, you can optimize your credit risk and make safe, secure and proactive business decisions. The rating is the hub of our credit management system and by using it as a starting point, you can both manage new customers and act on the negative rating changes of existing customers.

Optimize your credit decisions with a quality-assured risk model
Find the right credit level and increase profitability
Find the right credit level and increase profitability
Make safe decisions with AAA – the most well-known rating model on the market
  • Increase your cash flow by giving customers the right level of credit based on reliable information.

  • Manage your risk by starting from the overall risk assessment of your customer portfolio.   

  • Develop your business with a rating model that has shown consistently high accuracy even under fluctuating business cycles.

Simplify your credit score with a well-known rating model
Make consistent and fast decisions with proven model
Save time with a risk model that is easy to use
  • Streamline your risk management with a solid model that is based on more than 20 years of statistics.  

  • Simplify management of risk and credit with a model that is easy to understand and communicate both internally and towards the customer or supplier  

  • Increase the longevity of your credit decisions with a credit system that shows the risk profile both for the short term and for periods of up to to three years.

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