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Data Science Services
Dun & Bradstreet's Data Science team provides new and valuable insights to our customers through advanced data analysis.
Customer Insights
Forecast the next purchases of your customers. With the help of Predictive Analytics you are able to predict the purchase intentions of your customers. This generates new business opportunities.
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How to turn data into knowledge

Analyses as an instrument of quality assurance
The analyses from Dun & Bradstreet provide tools to review your entire information process. An examination of your Master Data reveals weak points and potential risks and secures processes. The aim is to use scientific methods to achieve a qualitative examination and harmonisation of all existing data sets. In this way, you create a general standard that not only ensures a functioning quality assurance system, but also provides the prerequisites for using the Analytical Services from Dun & Bradstreet. Multiple entries or inactive companies are identified. The analysis determines the volume of your orders and breaks it down according to regional aspects.
Analyses: From data collection to evaluation

Available data are the basis for meaningful analyses. Analyses always use statistic tools. The more accurate and up-to-date statistics and data collections are, the more meaningful is the evaluation derived from them. By accessing our databases and digitalised economic data, you can update your Master Data. The entire processes and business procedures within your company become more transparent. An analysis of the existing individual components identifies risks and facilitates their control and reduction. The existing potential for minimising costs, avoiding breakdowns and improving processes can be recognised through professional analyses much better and earlier and it opens new possibilities.