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D&B Global Product and Data Lifecycle Policy

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D&B is committed to the goal of being our customers’ one global company delivering indispensable content through modern channels to serve new customer needs. Accordingly, D&B is continuously engaged in enhancing its products, data, analytics and the platforms and technology on which they run to deliver maximum value to our customers. Products and platforms reach the end of their lifecycle for a number of reasons, including market demand, innovation, and compatibility with richer technology. For these reasons, and as our customers expect, D&B will be continuously upgrading its data and analytics, its products, and the services through which data is accessed, and simplifying its product set to work more simply and powerfully. We recognize that our customers integrate D&B data, products and platforms into their workstreams and business functions, and that end-of-life product milestones may impact the way our customers operate. With that in mind, D&B’s Product and Data Lifecycle Policy as may be updated from time to time is set out below to help customers manage these changes.

D&B Deliverables/Policy

Data Elements
D&B collects thousands of data elements and continuously evaluates the value our customers place on those elements. D&B may discontinue, modify and/or substitute individual data elements if and to the extent required as a result of new legislation, where sourced from third parties, or where D&B determines, in its reasonable discretion, that the discontinuation, modification or substitution is not material to our customers’ derivation of benefit from the products or services licensed.

Data Configurations (formatted reports, data layouts, etc.)
D&B presents data in various formats and reports. D&B continuously evaluates the optimal configuration of formatted reports, batch data, and delivery layouts. D&B may discontinue reports, configurations or layouts , replace them with functional equivalents, or modify them, to the extent D&B determines, in its reasonable discretion, that the discontinuation, replacement or modification is not material to our customers’ derivation of benefit from the products or services licensed.

Derived Data (scores and analytics)
D&B’s scores and analytics are evaluated on an ongoing basis and D&B regularly performs routine maintenance on those scores and analytics. A score may be discontinued in the following circumstances: (i) if the score underperforms on our regular validation, (ii) the development data upon which the score was developed is deemed no longer viable, (iii) there are more than 2 versions of the score available or (iv) if the underlying data is either no longer available due to legal restriction or otherwise, or is deemed by D&B to be of no further value. When a score is discontinued, the score will no longer be monitored/validated and no customer support will be available. D&B will provide at least 12 months advance notice as practicable when a score will be discontinued, and will provide customers with access to an alternative score. D&B may also provide new versions of scores from time to time.

Product & Packaging (i.e., the delivery mechanism, look and feel)
D&B may, during the term of any order with a customer, with at least 12 months advance notice as practicable, migrate customers from the current product or platform (including APIs) to a different product or platform with similar product features, capabilities and functionality (but not the same look and feel), or if there is no similar alternative, either party may, with one year prior notice, terminate the order or portion of the order and D&B shall provide a prorated refund of prepaid fees based on the number of days remaining in the then current contract year. In the case of migration, D&B will provide reasonable technical support for the migration, and additional training for the replacement product or platform if mutually agreed, in such parties’ reasonable discretion, to be necessary. If there are new features in the replacement product or platform, D&B may provide additional terms or conditions to customers prior to authorizing the use of such new features within the replacement product or platform. The current service will not be supported after the customer’s migration to the successor service.

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