Power of Data

Global Livestream Event, 12th October
Building resilience in times of change
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Speakers at the Power of Data Event 2023

Seth Godin

Marketing visionary, pioneer & entrepreneur

As consumers turn from search engines to AI assistants, digital marketing and advertising models will face huge disruption.

Seth Godin dives into the potential implications – for companies, careers, and society – and what we can all do to be ready. He also looks at the important topic of how we can put humanity first in an age of AI.
De Kai

Pioneering AI scientist widely regarded as "The Statesman of AI"

A founder of the contemporary AI field as known today, three decades ago De Kai invented and built the world’s first global-scale online language translator.

De Kai continues to push boundaries in AI research, alongside speaking to philosophical questions about the fears and possibilities of humanity's new technology and how we can be empowered to shape our future.

Aurore Belfrage

Geopolitical & sustainability advisor and co-author of Climate Change and the New World Order

When it comes to our sustainability, intention means nothing without action.

Join us as Aurore Belfrage takes aim at the 'greenwashers' and salutes those who are creating real sustainability impact. Aurore will take a big-picture view of the geopolitical factors that are impacting sustainability globally. She will then focus in on the phenomenon of, 'what gets measured gets done', and how it is both helping and hindering sustainability.

Oliver Bullough

Author, investigative journalist, & financial crime expert

As the complexity and scale of money laundering and financial crime grows, businesses must not only be accountable for their actions, they must also be accountable for the actions of their partners, suppliers, and even customers.

Best-selling author and investigative journalist Oliver Bullough will provide rich insight into this murky world and explore some of the telltale signs that companies should look out for.

Sabinije Von Gaffke

Moderator, speaker and communication catalyst

Sabinije works at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and leadership. As an expert moderator she helps to inspire deeper discussions and insights.