Protect & Enhance Brand Values

Use innovative metrics to enhance brand perception

Avoid doing business with third parties who put your company at risk Your business has requirements and standards on everything from profitability and reliability to corporate social responsibility. Make sure your suppliers meet your defined requirements before you sign them on, and, if appropriate, source alternative vendors who better meet your needs. Be proactive, not reactive with Dun & Bradstreet's social-economic classifications and diversity data.
Comply with global regulations around responsible sourcing Protecting your company brand goes beyond reducing costs and minimizing financial risk. If you work with organizations that don’t comply with government diversity requirements, global banned entities or political exposed persons (PEPs), or are involved with Human Trafficking, your brand will ultimately suffer. D&B’s business data and tools have been strengthened with anti-corruption controls to help you root out potential compliance violators.
Get early notification of risks that could damage your brand Global supplier bases are under pressure every day. Global events, labor strife, political unrest and even natural disasters can leave your company exposed and vulnerable. Beyond that, many supplier bases become vulnerable when Tier-N suppliers begin to have performance issues. With D&B supplier watch lists, you can monitor activity based on key criteria, and receive alerts on potential risks. We help you continuously monitor existing third parties and screen and onboard new vendors for operational and financial changes.