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Streamline Regulatory Compliance

Learn data-driven strategies for better third-party corruption risk assessments that help protect your reputation and revenue

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Regaining Trust in Your Compliance Data: A 7-Step Checklist

Read our eBook to learn compliance data best practices that will increase your third-party due diligence capability.

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Find Out Who You’re Really Doing Business With

Compliance teams are facing an increasingly complex business climate that makes it harder to keep up with shifting regulatory frameworks and potential bad actors.

Dun & Bradstreet equips compliance professionals with near real-time third-party risk data on hundreds of millions of businesses, providing much-needed visibility into global business networks. As the world’s largest commercial business data provider, we help you know more about third parties, be more efficient, accomplish more, and contribute directly to business goals.

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Protect Your Company’s Reputation

Onboarding third parties can be a lengthy, tedious process requiring labor-intensive research and data gathering for effective identity verification and screening.

Dun & Bradstreet offers compliance teams a single, trusted source of third-party risk insights to help uncover risks concealed beneath the superficial data. Automated workflows help streamline onboarding processes and slash due diligence time — so you can do more with less to protect your company.

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Streamline Screening with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Dun & Bradstreet helps you screen third parties against thousands of trusted sources — including global watch lists and sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEP) lists, and global adverse media.

Our screening capability uses a military-grade cognitive AI engine and machine learning to streamline your screening process, reducing costs and saving you time. This advanced technology helps reduce false positives, fine-tunes searches, and delivers relevant results.

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Uncover and Report Beneficial Ownership Insights

Newer regulations like the Corporate Transparency Act and 2020 AMLA have set new requirements for reporting on third-party ownership.

We give you the most comprehensive beneficial ownership dataavailable to help connect the dots between individuals and their organizations. We also help you quickly make sense of complex business structures and cut costs of duplicate due diligence outreach with our unmatched Network Intelligence capabilities.

Transform Compliance into a Value Center

We know what you’re up against: striving to balance ever-changing regulatory frameworks and threats against tight deadlines and insufficient budget.

Our data and tools help you mitigate third-party risk more thoroughly while eliminating unnecessary costs — a potent formula that can have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.