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Improve Your Accounts Receivable Management

Watch for signs that your tech stack is slowing your finance operations.

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Dun & Bradstreet provides credit and collections expertise, AI-driven platforms, and unparalleled intelligence from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to help A/R teams strengthen cash flow management, improve customer experience, and minimize losses.
Strengthen Cash Flow
With Dun & Bradstreet solutions, you can understand operating cash trends through accurate cash flow forecasting that includes detailed dispute state, aging, and reason code analysis for invoices that cannot be paid. In addition, you can visualize performance by leveraging preconfigured reports and dashboards or by creating your own.
See Why AI Is Crucial to Cash Flow Forecasting
Improve Customer Experience
Make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Our technology helps businesses automate reminders and notifications, enable online payments, and respond promptly to disputes to help avoid payment delays, optimize support resources, and increase customer retention.
Revamp A/R Processes to Improve Efficiencies & Customer Experience
Minimize A/R Losses
Dun & Bradstreet works with you to change how you collect from late-paying customers, so you can reduce accounts receivable aging. With our finance analytics, you can proactively manage accounts, segment delinquent accounts with risk-based collections scoring, and determine when customers’ ability to pay has improved.
Learn Strategies for More Effective Collections of Aging A/R
Prioritize B2B Collections
See how predictive data and analytical insights can help you get insight into recoverability, so you can build an effective collections strategy and recover more debt.
Recover More Debt with the Right Data
Build a Data-Driven Receivables Management Strategy
Meaningful and reliable risk scores, ratings, and analytic models are crucial to creating a data-driven strategy for accounts receivable management. The more easily these tools can be embedded in your platforms, the more quickly they can help you streamline your B2B collections and debt recovery processes and build healthy cash flow.
Explore Our Scores and Analytics
Gain Efficiencies
By using a scalable A/R management platform, you can leverage artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics to streamline your A/R processes and get paid faster.
Explore D&B Receivables Intelligence powered by FIS GETPAID
It [the Collections Management application within Receivables Intelligence] made the work very systematic, streamlined the work and that, by itself, saves the company time and money. It’s very helpful. I cannot see that I could ever go back to the way we did business before.
Maha Khoury, Credit and Collections Director
Informatica, a leader in enterprise cloud data management, helps other businesses accelerate data-driven digital transformation. To scale the company’s existing credit and collections function, Credit and Collections Director Maha Khoury is focusing on prioritizing collections, improving the company’s Collections Effectiveness Index, standardizing processes, and increasing team productivity.
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