Monitor Another Company’s Credit File

Evaluate your business partners’ financial health, help reduce the risk of bad debt write-offs, and help manage your company’s risk exposure
Evaluate New Partners
Better Mitigate Risk
Make Smarter Credit Decisions
Help determine a Company’s Creditworthiness and Credibility Help safeguard your business. Before agreeing to terms with a new company, checking its business credit file can help your business decide how much credit to extend.

A Credit Evaluator Plus report is designed for simple and routine credit checks. With a Business Information Report, you can access more detailed business information, past payment history, and predictive and performance-based credit scores to help assess whether a company can deliver on their promises.
Monitor Another Company’s Credit Report in Real-Time Once you agree to working terms with a business, monitoring its business credit file for score changes, legal events, and other factors can help you anticipate events that could impact your business.

Credit Advisor gives you real-time access to a company’s business credit file and alerts you to changes via email. Monitoring your company’s credit relationships may help you make more confident credit decisions and safeguard your company from high-risk accounts.
Help Reduce Bad Debt Exposure and Maintain Healthy Cash Flow Deciding which companies to work with and how much credit to extend are crucial to the long-term success of your business.

D&B Credit Reporter gives you additional insight so you can access a more complete view of a company’s financial health, make faster, smarter business credit decisions, and monitor key business relationships. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to quickly evaluate new credit applicants and manage credit risk across multiple companies in one place.
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