Monitor Another Company’s Credit File

Evaluate your business partners’ financial health, help reduce the risk of bad debt write-offs, and help manage your company’s risk exposure

Help determine a Company’s Creditworthiness and Credibility Help safeguard your business. Before agreeing to terms with a new company, checking its business credit file can help your business decide how much credit to extend.

A Credit Evaluator Plus report is designed for simple and routine credit checks. With a Business Information Report, you can access more detailed business information, past payment history, and predictive and performance-based credit scores to help assess whether a company can deliver on its promises.
Monitor Another Company’s Credit Report in Real-Time

Business Information Report On-Demand gives you continuous, real-time access to view a company’s credit file that can help you make more confident credit decisions and proactively manage credit relationships. Help reduce your exposure to bad debt and maintain a healthy cash flow with 24/7 access to view Dun & Bradstreet® scores and ratings, and receive email alerts when changes occur to a company’s business credit file.

Help Reduce Bad Debt Exposure and Maintain Healthy Cash Flow Deciding which companies to work with and how much credit to extend can be crucial to the long-term success of your business.

D&B Credit Reporter gives you additional insight so you can access a more complete view of a company’s financial health, make faster, smarter business credit decisions, and monitor key business relationships. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to quickly evaluate new credit applicants and manage credit risk across multiple companies in one place.