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Reach and Engage Educators

Build a brand, champion a cause, make a difference, and grow your business by engaging with teachers, parents, and students.


Connect with the Right Educators

You need to identify an ideal educator audience for your offerings, we help connect you to 95% of the US educator market across day care, libraries, pk-12 schools, and higher ed. Our best-in-class educator data offers deep insight into the overall picture of an educator to help you develop highly personalized, relevant campaigns so you always reach the right person. Power your campaigns with data from our ConnectED Cloud.
Capture Attention and Prompt a Response
You want to stand out in an increasingly noisy marketplace, we know it takes several impressions across multiple channels to break through. Our marketing strategies include the best mix of direct mail, email, display and social advertising to build successful campaigns that engage educators. We help you define the right educators and how best to reach and engage them, through all the necessary channels.
Build Trust and Relationships
You want to be part of the conversation, gain an audience, and build strong relationships that help your brand grow. Our platforms, content, and communities are the way to foster lasting brand loyalty. WeAreTeachers, our media brand with an audience of millions, is a trusted social voice that provides engaging, relevant subject matter to teachers. Reach educators with advertising, awareness, sponsorships, and lead generation programs.
Let Salespeople Sell
You want your team making contact, not searching for contact data. Our MarketView platform lets you spend your time profitably with up-to-date education data that helps you size your market and target prospects effectively. A holistic view of the education market helps you find and identify opportunities and connect with the right prospects for your business.
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