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Scrutinize potential suppliers more efficiently and effectively

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Conduct More Reliable and Rigorous Due Diligence

For the public sector, sourcing and acquiring high-quality goods and services from trusted suppliers and vendors are crucial, but the procurement process may be threatened by inefficiencies that could ultimately create problems in your supply chain.
Identify High-Risk Vendors
Assess vendors using multiple data dimensions, including sanctions and watch lists, adverse media, lawsuits, liens, and bankruptcies.
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Certify and Source the Right Vendor
Customize search criteria for industry, geography, and more. Confirm that companies of interest meet applicable and relevant regulatory and compliance requirements.
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Reduce Spend
Gain a more complete picture of corporate hierarchies and linkages. Uncover supplier relationships that may not be obvious, to identify cost-cutting opportunities or possible affiliations of concern.
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Don’t see what you are looking for?
Our advanced analytics services are delivered through a flexible engagement model. Our consultants can partner with you to provide tailored data, analyses, business process reviews, and recommendations to help you achieve your unique mission objectives.
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