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Comprehensive Investigative Research

Dun & Bradstreet’s unique operating environment enables our research analysts to create timely, relevant, targeted, and tailored solutions that help support the missions, challenges, and requirements of public sector customers.
Our investigative research analysts bring experience with, and deep knowledge of, a range of agencies and roles. Agency expertise includes law enforcement, intelligence and counterintelligence, military, and critical infrastructure. The team is highly familiar with the needs of officials and Inspector Generals whose responsibilities include data, information technology, contracting, and information services.
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Force Multiplier
Dun & Bradstreet Investigative Research Services may be used to identify the relationships of a single domestic or international target, or the relationships among multiple targets. In addition to identifying and analyzing associated entities, our analysts will scrutinize activities related to finance, trade, and shipping.
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Research Environment
Our research analysts leverage research framework, research methodology, professional training, internal training, and our exclusive data assets to conduct investigations and deliver findings and solutions. This robust foundation of training and tools helps mitigate points of risk, provides quality and consistency to our deliverables, and ensures that we comply with legal, ethical, and operational requirements.
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Business Signal Analysis
Dun & Bradstreet’s research analysts are well equipped to make sense of today’s constantly evolving global business landscape. Through the deliberate use of investigative techniques, our team finds relationships, identifies anomalies, illuminates indicators, draws inferences, and supports conclusions about business activities and behaviors which may appear to be otherwise legitimate.
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Our advanced analytics services are delivered through a flexible engagement model. Our consultants can partner with you to provide tailored data, analyses, business process reviews, and recommendations to help you achieve your unique mission objectives.
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