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Immigration & Border Security

Protect the border while facilitating legitimate commerce

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Secure the Border
Dun & Bradstreet helps agencies uncover relationships among entities and individuals that attempt to threaten national security or bypass lawful means for moving resources, goods, and individuals across the domestic border – while facilitating legitimate commerce.
Importer and Exporter Verification
Each year, goods that move via air cargo are worth roughly $6.8 trillion (one third of global international trade). Yet, with millions of companies shipping cargo around the world each year, it is a daunting task to confirm the background and risk of all these companies in real time. Dun & Bradstreet helps agencies verify importers and exporters by confirming the legitimacy of a business and by analyzing the risk associated with all trading partners.
Global Supply Chain Safety

Ensuring global supply chain security is a balancing act between facilitating legitimate commerce while simultaneously mitigating risks. This requires an increase in transparency into all trading partners at all stages of the supply chain.

Supply chain safety begins with a holistic understanding of the risk and vulnerability within a company's entire supply chain network. With four of six areas of supply chain vulnerability related to visibility into complex networks, and with the severity and frequency of supply chain disruptions increasing, it becomes imperative to gain insights beyond Tier 1 suppliers.

Gaining visibility and understanding into the level of vulnerability includes uncovering:

  • Financial instability
  • Political risk
  • Supplier risk
  • Violations
  • Country risk
  • Convergence exposure
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Targeted Investigations Can Plug Cargo Security Loopholes

With the volume of imports, personnel constraints, and the need to preserve the free flow of commerce preventing the federal government from physically inspecting all cargo containers, attention has turned to the identification and targeting of high-risk cargo on an exception basis.

With Dun & Bradstreet's identity resolution and risk-based targeting solutions, agencies can accurately perform contextual evaluations of entities in order to rapidly identify high-risk cargo for further investigation.

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A Plan for the Unexpected Disaster or Crisis

Recent crises in national security or natural disasters have heightened the necessity for better emergency preparedness to effectively respond and track recovery.

Utilizing Dun & Bradstreet's critical infrastructure information before, during, and immediately after a crisis can help agencies understand the potential risk and impact to domestic interests and national security. A multilayered approach to emergency preparedness includes:

  • Reliable databases of critical infrastructure and qualified regional suppliers
  • Readiness assessments and impact analyses
  • Targeted geospatial analysis
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Reduced Immigration Risks
While the movement of people across domestic borders stands to impact the economy, it also presents substantial security ramifications. Dun & Bradstreet helps agencies detect fraud and reduce staff workload through standardized, rule-based risk analysis and automation of core immigration processes.
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