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Discover hidden threats in your business relationships

Transform Case Management

Sharing accurate business intelligence is crucial. Investigators, analysts, procurement offices, supply chain analysts and auditors at the state and local, as well as federal agencies benefit from software tools that enable smoother exchanges of more meaningful insights driven by diverse datasets through our web-based and mobile solution.

The Mobile App is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play to registered D&B Investigate users. Download the mobile app today.

Uncover Connections

Dun & Bradstreet helps the public sector conduct business due diligence to find connections, collaborate, and push investigations forward through our web and mobile based solution. The tool itself allows all users to maintain multiple lists of businesses related to the investigations, supply chains and vendors that they are managing or investigating. It provides linkage analysis that can show relationships between multiple entities and the stakeholders involved in those businesses including the ultimate ownership of those businesses.
Develop Business Intel
Dun & Bradstreet can help identify the global activities of businesses and commercial organizations across industries. Agents can share business data insights to inform case-relevant decisions and actions.
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Scrutinize Suppliers
“Following the money" has become increasingly complicated for investigators. Dun & Bradstreet can help agents decipher the enormously complex chains of ownership and association used by international businesses and trade organizations.
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Our advanced analytics services are delivered through a flexible engagement model. Our consultants can partner with you to provide tailored data, analyses, business process reviews, and recommendations to help you achieve your unique mission objectives.
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