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Managing Business Credit Risk

Learn how you can reduce risk by improving efficiencies in your credit-to-cash process

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Quickly and Efficiently Assess Credit Requests and Minimize Bad Debt

Dun & Bradstreet provides data and analytics, credit risk expertise, and solutions that help finance and risk management leaders make better and faster credit decisions, standardize review processes, and identify risks and opportunities for more effective credit portfolio management.
Make Credit Decisions Confidently
Better credit risk management begins with knowing who you’re doing business with—but it shouldn’t end there. With our scalable platforms and global commercial data and analytics, you can access comprehensive credit reports, leverage automation for customizable online credit applications, and generate instant credit decisions.
Start by Assessing Customers Currently in Your Credit Portfolio
Build Credit Scorecards
Meaningful and reliable credit risk scores, ratings, and analytic models are crucial to making data-driven decisions. The more easily these tools can be embedded in your platforms, the more quickly they can help provide powerful intelligence to better inform credit decisioning.
How Can Credit Scorecards Help?
Standardize Review Processes
Managing credit risk and achieving growth in a fragmented and regulated business environment is no easy task. Dun & Bradstreet supports unified risk management across multiple geographies, systems, and resources. We enable even complex organizations to standardize credit risk reviews through a centralized solution to help ensure credit policy compliance.
Simplify Credit Portfolio Management
Take a step back from individual account management and get a big-picture view of overall performance to better monitor shifts that may impact your business. When you understand your risk landscape across industries, markets, and other segments, you can more strategically and effectively manage your portfolio. We help you automate processes for onboarding, invoicing, monitoring, and more so you can efficiently support a growing customer base and still swiftly identify consequential changes.
Five Processes that Benefit from Automation
Credit Risk Managers: Prepare Your Business for What’s Next
Businesses are balancing uncertainty and opportunity, and credit risk management continues to play a key role. Read our guide for five progressive steps that can help you put your company in a stronger, more competitive position.
Five Steps to Get Back on the Growth Track
Protect Revenue
Bad credit decisions, based on bad data, can impact cash flow and lead to bad debt. Trusted, reliable credit assessments can help you better predict which customers can pay on time and within terms to fully optimize your company’s credit capacity.
Explore D&B Credit Intelligence
We did not want to be blindsided. We were able to understand the risk of even our privately held customers. We use the D&B Rating to see where a customer may be slipping so that we can take action. Dun & Bradstreet gives us the best information about private companies.
Eddy Via, Credit Risk Manager, Duke Energy
As one of the largest energy utilities in the United States, Duke Energy needs a scalable way to manage the credit risk in its portfolio of large retail customers. Duke’s CFO Steve Young focuses on discovering ways to use automation and digital transformation to free his staff from repetitive, menial tasks and redirect their efforts to more meaningful, forward-looking work.
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