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Foster Relief, Recovery, and GrowthDun & Bradstreet helps set the stage for economic and business activities to return to a healthy state and encourage opportunities for communities to thrive.

Connect Companies with Job Seekers

Use actionable intelligence to help engage with the right businesses to offer employer-based incentives and prioritize layoff aversion programs.Learn About Data-Driven Workforce Programs

Prioritize Where and How to Allocate Support

Balance resource allocation to support a strong local economic position while monitoring the changing global marketplace.Contact Us

Act Decisively When Disasters or Emergencies Strike

Leverage a fact-based model to forecast economic impacts and develop informed mitigation, planning, response, and recovery programs.Read More About Emergency Management

Emergency Procurement

Learn how the State of New Hampshire streamlined due diligence reviews to identify legitimate suppliers and allocate fundingLearn More
Don’t see what you are looking for?Our advanced analytics services are delivered through a flexible engagement model. Our consultants can partner with you to provide tailored data, analyses, business process reviews, and recommendations to help you achieve your unique mission objectives.