Mitigate Risk

Minimize risk from sanctioned, suspect, or corrupt third-party business partners and protect your reputation

Protect your brand with thorough, reliable third-party identification and screening Leverage the world’s largest commercial database for unrivaled entity data and best-in-class screening for complete compliance peace of mind. Dun & Bradstreet utilizes more than hundreds of millions of records than 330 million records that are updated more than five million times a day to accelerate the identification of companies and individuals than five million times a day to accelerate the identification of companies and individuals, validate shareholders, and establish beneficial ownership. You benefit from screening across sanctions/watch lists, PEP identification, adverse media, litigation, and open-source research, as well as “boots on the ground” investigations for enhanced due diligence when needed.
Avoid business disruptions with unified compliance processes Utilize automated tools that provide real-time insights into suppliers, partners, and other third parties to safeguard your business. Dun & Bradstreet streamlines processes to ensure compliance with global laws and regulations as well as internal policies. Business disruptions become a problem of the past with an automated and reliable compliance process.
Meet ongoing compliance obligations with real-time data and documentation Strengthen your compliance controls with continuous risk monitoring of your third-party entities. Dun & Bradstreet provides electronic documentation of due diligence results and actions, including comprehensive audit trail, user-entered notes, reports, and date- and user-stamped activity. This clear audit trail allows you to meet both internal and external obligations, comply with global laws and regulations, and minimize regulatory and reputational risks.