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Risk and Regulatory ComplianceReduce exposure with improved understanding of leads to consistently better decision-making
Corporate Linkage & Hierarchies
Predictive Risk Management
Know Your Customer / Vendor
Regulatory scrutiny makes risk management a top priority Find relationships between companies, subsidiaries, and their securities to aggregate a total view of risk to individual companies over time. Aggregate enterprise risk data and corporate hierarchies to highlight hidden exposure resulting from opaque dependencies, customers of customers, credit ratings and probability of default. Manage your risk most effectively with Dun & Bradstreet’s in-depth linkage and hierarchy data sets.
Gain insight into a business’ current state and future trajectory Anticipate opportunities and risks within your business relationships. Dun & Bradstreet’s business health and predictive risk indicators provide early risk signals about a business, adding value over and above what the market has already taken into consideration. You know not only how a business behaves today, but also how it may behave tomorrow—and you can convert that knowledge into opportunity and risk mitigation.
Manage critical vendor events more efficiently Dun & Bradstreet solutions help you identify business linkages to potential problem vendors/customers. Specialized enterprise risk data and corporate hierarchies show relationships between companies, subsidiaries and their securities to aggregate a total view of risk to individual companies over time. Find vendors and address third party compliance requirements using D&B entity identification, risk scores and monitoring.
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