Alpha Generation

Gain an edge on the marketplace and beat benchmarks

Augment historical data, consensus estimates and forecasts Our predictive insights provide leading confirmatory information, giving you an investing edge. When detected and correlated with our innovative business signals, you’re able to create actionable foresight and separation on future price movements and inflection points for entities in similar risk classes. Now, you not only know how a business behaves today, but also how it may behave tomorrow—and you can convert that knowledge into opportunity.
Greater coverage than anyone else — and constantly growing Dun & Bradstreet provides payment data for use in survival probability mockups and default curve models. Get distinctive perception into the financial condition of potential investments, using our credit scores and credit inquiry data sets. Augment your trading models with payment data, generating the most complete company profile of your investments.
Actionable foresight on future price movements Economic growth and corporate profit growth have historically been correlated. The best investors use many economic indicators, looking for patterns and verifications within different sets of data. D&B provides the data sets that can help you identify a market turning point or a future credit rating shift that could be a critical component of your investment model.