Capital Markets

Empowering Investment Managers with Advanced Alternative Data Solutions

Unique, proprietary data & analytics to generate alpha Dun & Bradstreet delivers the world’s most comprehensive business data & analytics, giving investment managers the ability to extract alpha and improve performance. Get the insights needed to outperform your benchmarks – and your competition with trusted data on more than hundreds of millions businesses.
Exceptional data to drive profitable decisions

Dun & Bradstreet is the global leader in commercial data & analytics for a reason. Our proprietary alternative datasets reveal trends in trade credit and payment behavior that have been shown to contain many statistically significant sources of alpha for both US equities and corporate bonds.

Apply our data to multiple asset classes - public equity, public credit, private equity, private credit – and realize distinct value.

Gain an edge on the market Investment managers need unique intelligence on public and private companies — data & analytics that will empower you to comply with regulations, increase operational efficiency, and generate alpha.
Risk and Regulatory Compliance Reduced exposure with improved understanding leads to consistently better decision-making Do you really know the companies you trade with - their affiliates, sister companies and partners? The hidden relationships and complex connections so common in today's market environment increase the chance of taking unwanted risk in your trading strategy. Improved understanding of the companies you do business with leads to consistently better decision-making. Learn More
Alpha Generation Gain an edge on the marketplace and beat benchmarks Dun & Bradstreet's data and analytics provide capital markets firms with the capabilities to earn investment alpha. Our premium data sets help you stand out from your competition, and provide actionable insight and data that is hard to find anywhere else. Start using data in a smarter way, and generate the intelligence you need to outperform benchmarks - and your competition. Learn More