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Take action today and be prepared for tomorrow with the analytic flexibility of D&B Analytics Studio.​
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Continuously Evolve Your Business with Analytic Flexibility
D&B Analytics Studio is a cloud-based platform that flexes to meet your needs, whether that means finding a strategy for today, preparing for the future or operationalizing a new model right now. In a secure partition, you can combine your own data sources with millions of D&B records or alternative data sources. Then, with predefined AI and ML - or your own code - you can conduct robust modeling for unlimited scenarios.


Automate repetition to scale your team's manpower AI and ML for any user – including data matching, flexible language options, and managed services.​


Quickly connect the dots to break through or pivot with millions of business records, historical data, and a place to bring your own data.​


Ignite change confidently with a secure platform that lets you easily operationalize your insights and learn continuously.

Do You Have Analytic Flexibility?

All analysis requires identifying the right data sources, collecting data in the right way and using the right tool to analyze it and act. If you continue to think only how this can be done more quickly, you will fail to meet the one common requirement of your those in your shoes: adapt to change.​

Analytic flexiblity is a set of skills, tools and operating principles that allow you to move with agility: acting on today and preparing for tomorrow. 

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Lots of Connected Data

Be it depth and breadth of business insights or recency of business signals, Analytics Studio gives you access to it all. Bring your own data, use 10 years of historical D&B data that's updated regularly or use one of our partners, all connected by our live business identity: the D-U-N-S Number.

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Analysis for All

Each organization, team and individual are at a different point of their analytical journey. Analytics Studio's Visual Designer let's those who don’t like to code drag and drop their way to AI and ML models; while data coders can use quick start guides to code in Python, R or SQL.​

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Safe Space to Play

Your work in an evolving space. Data and analytics is not a new idea, but how it’s done changes frequently. Not a problem when you use Analytics Studio: we've built your sandbox with all the toys in a SOC 2 compliant, ISO certified space. Or simply put, it's really secure.

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Speed to Insights​

Finding insights is only half the battle: you need to put them into action. The D&B Analytis Studio team helps you build the pipes to connect so that you can call on the new model you built in your ERM, CRM or D&B product.