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D&B® Cyber Risk Rating

What Is the Cyber Risk Rating?

The new D&B Cyber Risk Rating assesses suppliers’ potential vulnerability to cyber threats on their internet-accessible systems and the likely impact of a breach on their financial health to help protect your organization’s supply chain and better support third-party risk management efforts.

What does the Cyber Risk Rating look like?

The Cyber Risk Rating yields multidimensional outputs which, combined, result in an overall rating for each supplier, providing both an easy overview for portfolio assessment and in-depth view in the event of specific areas of concern.

How Is the Cyber Risk Rating Calculated?

The Cyber Risk Rating is a combination of a review of a company's internet-accessible systems, enhanced with Dun & Bradstreet’s assessment of the likely financial impact of a breach.

Scan Score – a risk scoring model that analyzes open source intelligence (OSINT) information collected from publicly available sources to assess an organization's security posture

  • Configuration of systems and services to be hardened against known vulnerabilities
  • Process and activity related to vulnerability management
  • Technical security to defend information from unauthorized access or use by protecting data within and across networks
  • Documentation of policies governing operations and procedures

D&B Financial Impact – Predicts severe financial impact directly related to a breach based on Dun & Bradstreet’s financial scores and ratings of companies and their firmographics

What Else Should I Know About the Cyber Risk Rating?

Dun & Bradstreet partnered with QOMPLX, a leader in cyber risk analytics, to co-develop the Cyber Risk Rating. The Cyber Risk Rating is available in D&B Supplier Risk ManagerTM as an add-on module with two options: 

  • A snapshot of your vendor ratings with additions for new suppliers
  • Ongoing monitoring with alerts for changes in cyber risk profiles

Get a grip on threat intelligence and gain visibility into the likelihood of a potential cyber threat to better support your third-party risk management efforts. Click on the link below to receive a demo of D&B Supplier Risk ManagerTM with the Cyber Risk Rating module.

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