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Company Research

The Latest Tactics and Business Information around Company ResearchBusiness databases provide a wealth of data that can be used to identify leads, understand a company's financial performance, and evaluate risks. Business development teams, procurement officers, and risk managers rely upon accurate insights to target leads or evaluate vendors. Learn more about the latest tactics and tools changing how businesses conduct company research.

There’s a wealth of business information available from a wide range of sources. Corporate websites, media reports, business credit bureaus, and subscription data services are just a few of the places where people turn to for help when researching a company.

Company Research Use Cases

Here are several scenarios where company research comes in handy:

  1. It can help identify sales leads so business development managers get in touch with the right people.
  2. Procurement and compliance officers are able to perform due diligence on customers or vendors.
  3. Risk managers may want to keep an eye on partners by monitoring business credit scores and ratings.
  4. Executives can keep an eye on the financial health of competitors.

Regardless of the reason behind your research, the road to results is paved with accurate data if you have the right processes and solutions in place.

Evaluating Company Research Providers

Employees come and go, new projects get underway, and mergers fundamentally change corporate structures. Old or incomplete data isn’t of much interest to business development teams, marketers, or executives. For this reason, it’s important to choose reputable sources that update their records on a regular basis.

Turning a critical eye to data providers is key. Is it clear where the information originated? How recent are the insights? Are the details general or specific? These are just a few of the questions that can help businesses identify reputable sources of company information.

Company research tools arm businesses with a level of detail that would’ve been difficult to imagine just a decade ago. Integrating these solutions into your workflow can increase sales and bring unparalleled transparency to customer and supplier relationships.