Third-Party Risk

Control & Ownership

A people-centric lens for efficient due diligence – Identify individuals with multiple roles and ownerships within your third-party network

Connect the Dots and Mitigate Risk With a Multi-Source View
Control & Ownership is the latest addition to Dun & Bradstreet’s Network Intelligence solution. Designed with modern business networks in mind, Control & Ownership delivers complete, up-to-date insights on business owners and other leaders – such as directors – from the world’s most comprehensive and trusted source of commercial data, to help you mitigate risk and accelerate due diligence. Control & Ownership takes the burden away from collection and curation of multiple sources whilst providing the data in a logical, easy to understand way, to make onboarding decisions faster.

Control & Ownership is the Next Generation of UBO

With a multi-source approach, drawing connections between registries across the world and linking them with Dun & Bradstreet’s business context data, the solution enables businesses to:

Support the 5EUMLD ask to multi source for verification and establish control and ownership ‘prongs’
Control & Ownership’s intelligent network clustering presents a clean, consolidated view of a single person, their relationships, and other firmographic attributes to truly mitigate risk
Have a simplified view of the ownership and control structures for a target business with relevant information to support the regulations