Third-Party Risk

Supplier Risk Manager Assessments Module

Conduct in-depth audits of third-party processes without going on site

Quickly evaluate suppliers’ performance

Through electronic, in-depth audits of suppliers’ internal processes, Supplier Risk Manager’s Assessment Module lets you automate your online audits of third-party processes and award contracts on performance – not just price and terms of sale.
Supplier Assessment Templates
Use supplier assessment templates developed by risk experts to focus on critical risk factors.
Compare and Rate
Compare and rate potential third paries in advance of awarding contracts to them.
Determine Practices
Determine lean manufacturing, quality and vendor management practices.
Multi-Factor Scoring
Make decisions based on multi-factor scoring with weighted results.
How It Works

Supplier Risk Manager’s Assessment Module automates the gathering and analysis of extensive performance data. It eliminates inefficiencies in third-party assessments by providing you with a gap analysis that compares each supplier against industry best practices – and each other. Through automated online audits of suppliers’ internal processes you can now assess and award contracts on performance, not just price and terms of sale. This is your opportunity to gain the critical performance data that guides vendor selection and make the right calls in maximizing your existing supplier relationships.