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D&B Rev.Up Now Basic and D&B Rev.Up Now (powered by Zeta Global) offer small businesses access to the same digital marketing technology that larger companies use to help find and engage their best new customers quickly but at a fraction of the cost.
What You Get With D&B Rev.UpNow

Little to No Experience Required

Thanks to Zeta Global’s proprietary behavioral data cloud technology, D&B Rev.Up Now Basic and D&B Rev.Up Now take the guesswork out of figuring out what audience to target with your ads.

We can keep track of how people are consuming and sharing content online to determine when and where they might be most likely to buy your products or services. Built-in AI technology automatically adjusts audience targets to maximize your ad's performance.

The behavioral data represents overall content consumption and general topics of interest across millions of URLs.
D&B Rev.Up Now can understand users’ content consumption and explicit interests based on what they recommend to others across the web.
Behavioral data also includes users’ search terms, which can be a strong and explicit indicator of real-time interest.
When a user ‘shares’ content online, this becomes a meaningful indication of true passion or interest.
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