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Advertising is key to growing a small business, but it can be hard. D&B Rev.Up Now Basic helps make it easy to reach new prospects.
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Advanced Digital Marketing Tools at Your Fingertips

D&B Rev.Up Now Basic is a user-friendly digital advertising platform that keeps things simple while giving you access to the same digital marketing technology used by larger enterprise companies to find and engage new customers.

D&B Rev.Up Now Basic lets you launch your ad across multiple sites at once. It’s free to get started, and as little as $7/day* for a sustained program. No marketing degree or new staff needed—we take the guesswork out of reaching new customers so you can focus on growing your business.

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No Experience Required

It’s easy to get started! Kickoff your display advertising program and reach new prospects in 3 steps:

1. Create Your Ad

Customize your headline and description. Then add visual appeal with your company logo and an image in one easy-to-use ad creator tool. You can preview exactly how your ad will appear and make adjustments until it’s perfect. No design expertise is needed; your ad is automatically sized for optimal performance!

2. Select Your Target Audience

Quickly select your key customers by their interests and location using dropdown menus. Our powerful AI technology does the rest by finding the people who are more likely to purchase your products or services and putting your ad in front of them. Only people in your target audience will see your ad, using your investment wisely and ensuring we drive the most relevant traffic to your business.

3. Enjoy the Results

That’s it! Once your ad is live, visit your personalized dashboard to see who has engaged with your ad and how far your dollars have gone by tracking the success of your ad, all in one place. Then continue to reach new audiences by optimizing or auto-renewing your ad.