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D&B Credit Reporter

The Smart, Simple Way to Evaluate Your Customers' Credit Risk

Purchase reports for 5 companies for $799

How It Works

More than ever, credit managers need to make fast decisions about extending business credit to help manage cash flow. D&B Credit Reporter helps small and mid-sized businesses make smarter credit decisions. With D&B Credit Reporter, you’ll get a complete view of a company's financial health to help you make more confident credit decisions without the guesswork. Download Fact Sheet

Purchase Credit Reporter for $799 reports for 5 companies

Faster, smarter business credit decisions
Make more confident credit decisions on your customers and partners with D&B Credit Reporter. This credit reporting product is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses that need to make a limited number of credit decisions.

Help evaluate new credit applicants by quickly assessing a company's creditworthiness with Dun & Bradstreet's industry-leading risk scores and ratings.

Manage credit extended by understanding your company's cash flow risk based on the payment history, trending data, and scores of the companies you do business with.

Monitor key business relationships by keeping up-to-date with changes to the credit profiles of the companies you monitor so you can quickly take action on high-risk accounts.

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