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CreditBuilder Plus

Monitor and potentially impact your Dun & Bradstreet business credit file

How It Works

Understanding your Dun & Bradstreet business credit file may benefit your company if you are working toward:

  • A business loan
  • A business expansion
  • A new line of credit
  • A move to a new location
  • A new business partnership
  • Award of a contract
  • Weathering a tough economic climate

Need to submit updates to the business information in your Dun & Bradstreet credit file? You can view and request updates to your company’s information for free with D-U-N-S® Manager.

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Take Steps to Help Build Your Business Credit

Potentially help impact your Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings by manually submitting Trade References†† for Dun & Bradstreet review, verification and possible acceptance with CreditBuilder Plus.

Our most popular business credit solution for companies that are trying to grow, get a bank loan, win contracts, or stay ahead of the competition.

Get alerts when other companies inquire on your business*
Enjoy unlimited access to view your Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings
Manually submit 12 Trade References a year for Dun & Bradstreet review, verification, and possible acceptance††
Free web monitoring of your account’s primary email address, plus three additional business email addresses, to help you protect your business from fraud
Benchmark your company against industry medians and up to eight key peers
Learn more about steps you can take to see results in your Dun & Bradstreet business credit file with the Insights feature

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