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CreditBuilder Premium

Monitor and potentially impact your Dun & Bradstreet  business credit file

How It Works

You can take steps to potentially impact your Dun & Bradstreet business credit file by manually submitting trade references†† through your CreditBuilder Premium product for Dun & Bradstreet review, verification, and possible acceptance. Having an up-to-date business credit file may help improve your chances to:

  • Qualify for loans
  • Obtain lower interest rates
  • Attract new B2B customers
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Negotiate better payment terms

Need to submit updates to the business information in your Dun & Bradstreet credit file? You can view and request updates to your company’s information for free with D-U-N-S® Manager.

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Take Steps to Potentially Build Your Business Credit
Potentially impact your Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings by manually submitting unlimited Trade References†† for Dun & Bradstreet verification and acceptance.
Maximize the potential impact you may have on your Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings by manually submitting an unlimited number of Trade References to Dun & Bradstreet for review, verification, and possible acceptance.††
Benchmark your company against industry averages and up to 25 peers of your choice
See what industries are inquiring on your business and get alerted when a new inquiry is made*
Stay on top of key strategic relationships with alerts on changes to the business credit files of the suppliers you submit as Trade References
Enjoy unlimited access to view your Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings

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