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Business Information Report Snapshot

A collection of business credit scores and ratings that help you gauge the financial health of your customers, suppliers, and business partners

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Use this detailed, easy-to-navigate report to view another company’s operations, financial performance, and public filing records and help mitigate potential business risks.* Help avoid late payments, defaults, and other events that could jeopardize your company’s financial health with access to straightforward risk indicators like the D&B PAYDEX® Score, D&B® Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) Rating, and D&B® Delinquency Predictor Score.*

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To help manage credit risk, a business should guard against weaknesses in the supply chain. Financially stressed suppliers or customers could leave your business without products or payments. Checking another business’s credit file can help you evaluate a potential partner’s credibility.

Business Information Report On Demand allows business owners to continuously monitor another company’s D&B® credit scores and ratings. 

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A Detailed Business Credit Report

Use this detailed one-time report to help mitigate potential business risks by accessing information contained in a company’s Business Credit File, which may include operations, financial performance, public filing records, and available scores and ratings.

Get a detailed snapshot of another U.S. or Canadian company’s credit file; viewable online for up to a 12-month term

Get a detailed snapshot of another U.S. or Canadian company’s credit file; available online for up to a 12-month term
See a company’s D&B PAYDEX® Score and five other Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings
Access a company’s payment history
View company history and background information on key employees
Monitor multiple reports in one modern dashboard

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